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Head of Department’s Message

Dear Students,

Physiotherapy and rehabilitation is a science that can be applied in many fields of medicine, in which the approaches necessary for the improvement and maintenance of functional capacity are applied by physiotherapists, especially after or before all kinds of diseases, injuries, old age and painful conditions that cause movement and functional deficiencies.

If the physiotherapist; By determining the problems caused by injury, disease, congenital disability, movement system disorders or other conditions with special measurement-evaluation methods, planning, implementing and re-evaluating the physiotherapy and rehabilitation program for the development of functional capacity according to the diagnosis of the specialist physician, as well as healthy individuals. is a health personnel who has professional autonomy who plans appropriate exercises and preventive programs in order to maintain their health. Physiotherapists, who have a wide range of work in public and private institutions, can do postgraduate education, science expertise and doctorate studies, and can work as instructors in physiotherapy and rehabilitation departments.

Student admission to the Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation within the Faculty of Health Sciences of our university started in 2011-2012, and education and training activities are continuing by getting stronger. In our department, the education program prepared with a contemporary approach, taking the schools in developed countries as an example, is four years. The training program includes basic sciences, clinical sciences, professional courses, research methodology, seminars and clinical studies for planning and implementing the treatment program to be applied in the problems we mentioned above. With the Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Application and Research Center Units established in our university, clinical studies in important areas such as neurological rehabilitation, cardiopulmonary rehabilitation, pediatric rehabilitation, orthopedic rehabilitation, athlete health, burns physiotherapy, prosthetic orthotics and biomechanics, hand rehabilitation and spine health in many hospitals and institutions in Gaziantep. and application is possible.

We are waiting for you, our dear young people, to our Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Department for the Physiotherapy profession, which has employment in many fields of medicine in the world and in our country.

I wish you all health, happiness and success.

Love and respect,

prof. Dr. Yavuz YAKUT